Conferences & Events

Weekly Sunday Services

Every Sunday 11.00 am – 1.00 pm
we gather together in His Presence to experience unique encounter as pray, praise and explore the word of God.

Weekly Friday Personal Life Developmental Plan

The aim of this programme is to equip members of the church with tools for personal development using practical Biblical concepts that they can apply to real life issues.

Monthly Love Feasts & Communion

The aim of this is to celebrate birthdays, marriage anniversaries, promotions, graduations and other praise reports on monthly basis. Members of the church will be encouraged to invite their friends and relatives to celebrate with them. Our communion Sunday is the first Sunday of the month while love feast is the last Sunday of the month.

Bimonthly Breakfast Service

Otherwise called “Breakfast with the King” is an outreach programme to invite friends, families, colleagues and loved ones to the church for buffet breakfast on a Sunday morning. It’s a combination of food, fun and fellowship. Admission is free

Quarterly Praise & Prophetic Intercessory Programme

A quarterly programme designed to minister to spiritual needs of the people. This special programme provides opportunity to pray for individuals and offer counselling and necessary support for them to live life to maximum.

Life Building Annual Conference

An annual event to mark the church anniversary and impartation from our spiritual father and mentors in the ministry.

Life Building Mission Week

A week to sow into missions in different parts of the world as the Lord will direct. We intend to work with missions and missionaries in different parts of the world. Such missionaries are invited to share their praise reports and we intend to refresh them with spiritual and material resources to send them back to the field. There will be occasions that we will go and support them on the field.